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2 min readMar 17, 2023


Thank you for joining me on a guide for how to live without limits,

Finding yourself living within limits will only hold you back from reaching your fullest potential during our time on this earth. Why would anyone not want to reach their maximum potential?

Living within limits can cause stagnation or hitting the ceiling and who wants to do that? You are limiting yourself by searching for answers in other people and letting that determine your value. You will need to come to terms with realizing you are not meant to live an average life. The following are the steps you can move forward once you have understood this.

Self-confidence comes from keeping the promises you make to yourself. You will live within limits by not putting yourself first and prioritizing. You are only setting yourself back if you are working around others, it’s never too late to start over keep in mind. It's time to take control in changing who you are living for or you will stay in this setting. No one is coming to get you and make you change old habits. You have to want it, make sacrifices, and you need to level up starting within yourself.

Reflect: What do you want for yourself? What does your best self look like? What can you work on to be the person you want to be?

I realized how important it is to recognize who I am living for by establishing what makes me the happiest. Spending time alone is a great way to discover what you enjoy when no one is watching. For example, some of my favorite things to do are not what others would choose but this is what I discovered makes me the happiest and that establishes an area of interest that I don’t need “approval” from anyone for.

I started to apply if my response isn't a “hell yes” it is a no. The power of saying no is so crucial in this guide to becoming limitless. I am a people pleaser and would find myself in scenarios that I didn’t want to be in causing a lot of unwanted anxiety because I felt like I was always trying to do the “right” thing for everyone else and not taking care of myself. I am still working on overcoming this obstacle. It takes a lot of work to not feel guilty for saying no. Over time I will gain more confidence in this.

Working towards living a limitless life will trickle into other parts of your life. New opportunities will arise, and you will find yourself being involved with others who speak to your soul and vibrate on a higher frequency.

Living without limits,




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