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Control with Nicole
2 min readMar 23, 2023

Welcome to an Unknown Space,

There is beauty in all experiences and bliss in the unknown.

You are entering the Unknown. The Unknown is a new path of applying new remedies to your daily practices. Unknown space is where you do not have to live a life full of worrying about what if’s. There can be a concern that others will react poorly when you apply alchemy to communication because people don’t like it when you react differently than they would. This can be unusual to see one to remain positive in circumstances. It is not extremely common but it can also create an interest in discovering how to apply this priniple further. Therefore we don't know how others will react to our message but we can still choose to execute our delivery with love and mindfulness. This is the main takeaway from this segment I want to conduct.

As I learn to accept myself for who I truly am, I have discovered a new form of bliss by working on executing the positives and not focusing so much on the negatives. I have felt a peace I didn’t know I had and found myself in a higher frequency at moments. What I mean by this is having a to-your-core intention behind how you navigate. Really listen to how others portray their communication and use rhetoric to keep the communication in a positive light. Apply this practice as being direct with exactly how you feel and want from the conversation. I always say how almost everything can be neutralized with direct intent and honesty. How will the other person meet you here?

It is never too late to start over your day and you never have to repeat the past so why not intend on being mindful of your interactions and setting positive intentions? We are all students and learning every day something new, so why not be intentional with your interactions with others? It sounds so simple but can change the aura we have surrounding ourselves and transmit a ripple effect on others.

I want to inspire others as I use this theory in their journey to be kinder to others and open our eyes to how much power we hold in the way we interact with one another.

Comfort in the Unknown,




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