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3 min readMar 9, 2023

Welcome to the CTRL Course,

In this teaching sequence, we will be navigating the power of “Control.” This word speaks to me as, “the power to influence another person’s behavior.” I identify “Control” with this defintion because when asked what I am striving for, it truly is for that result of action to be passed to another person.

This term states that the choice of being in control is up to you. This could be with anything you do. YOU are in control of your life. I constantly quote a saying “you cannot control what happens to you only how you react to it.” This perspective gives you power no matter what the circumstance is. Really think about what I just wrote and how it resonates with you. What do you let control you in your life? Is it the media you consume? Is it your habits? What about negative thoughts?

Control is within your reach. You wake up and choose how you will navigate the day, you may not even realize it. How you will react to situations thrown your way? How will you show up for yourself? How important are you to yourself? These factors are based on the control you have over yourself. Being able to say “no” is a large aspect of having control. Many people find themselves saying “yes” to situations they do not want to be in to please others. This is giving away your control.

How you can learn to choose yourself begins when waking. If you chose to wake up and not look at your phone for the first 45 minutes (unless urgent of course). Your control will start in those first 45 minutes, which will bring peace and mindfulness because you are choosing to take care of yourself first thing in the morning. Below is my AM routine before my full-time work schedule.

AM Routine:

  • Wake up 5:45 am (as often as I can)
  • Hygiene
  • Stretch or Movement
  • 5 min Gratitude Journaling
  • Read 10 pages
  • Begin workday

Choosing to have a morning routine is a great start for a new season of life. This will set the tone for the day and create structure, for the conversations you will have and the energy you carry to others throughout your day. Doing this is a practice for gaining control. A part of establishing self-awareness is keeping promises you make to yourself. Here’s an example, If you are committing to waking up early to have time for yourself in the morning and you follow through with it, you have control of yourself. The strategy that comes with this will establish great confidence as a routine is prepared each day. A reminder that this routine does not have to be complex for those who are not early risers, it can be as simplified to your liking and do what works best for you. This routine of “you” time is something you can fit into your day no matter the time.

Once a routine is established this will guide you through your interactions over time. Clarity will set inside you of why it is so important to choose yourself every day. If we don’t put in the time and effort for ourselves who will? Doing this routine created control in my life for the days following this routine, I’m happier, more productive, and have better energy to give those I love because I am grounded with myself and can show up fully when I am needed.

Change is good, welcome to this new phase of life where possibilities are endless.

Moving toward the light,




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