Detach from Outcomes to Fall in Love with the Journey

Control with Nicole
2 min readMay 13, 2023


In a universe where we are told to chase after outcomes of what could be ours we often forget about the journey that gets us there.

This was a pivoting point in my self-healing journey. We grow up doing everything in our power to chase a certain goal, and it is often forgotten how we got to our achievement. Let me explain. You go to school all your life working towards the satisfaction of graduating. Once you graduate you slowly forget and disassociate with the entire upbringing that brought you to the point of completion by getting your education. By that time, you are almost done with your teenage years and the majority of the time a different person. The journey is a huge part of the achievement yet we forget about it and only recognize the high of our goal.

Why do we do this?

I believe it is because in our society we are infatuated with other people's lives and absorb so much information that we often forget to be present with where we are at. This is a given but as you navigate this healing journey I found some ways for you to be where your feet are and work towards your goals.

  • “Time Limit” on apps on your phone to filter time spent on apps
  • Go outside for 10 minutes and soak up sunlight
  • Set aside undivided time with those who value you
  • Putting down your phone when eating and taking time to nourish
  • Ground yourself at some point each day even for a minute to be present
  • Don’t take anything too seriously and laugh

These are just a few reminders I wanted to give for you to implement in your day. As we go about our lives and try to efficiently retrieve our goal I want to gently remind you that the journey can be the best part of your goal. This can be shown in so many ways such as showing up for yourself, routines, research, excitement, beauty in low-vibration moments, integrity, humility, and repetitiveness. This is the foundation of the character we are building within ourselves as we grow in order to achieve our goals. You must work within yourself to seek what is seeking you.

Happiness doesn’t depend on outward conditions in this example (the outcome) it depends on the inner (the journey) so be involved in every moment because you will blink and be past your goal working towards the next.

Notice the way you are feeling throughout the journey and remember to be where your feet are…




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