How to Understand Art

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2 min readMay 6, 2023


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“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” -Edgar Degas

After being on a creative hiatus for some time. I rediscovered my passion for creating and broke from my hiatus. Most artists who take a hiatus for a period of time is because something new is coming or they are unlocking another part of their mind to create more.

I have found this was my experience of why I felt lost in without experiencing my creativity for so long. After returning I have dove into all aspects of what I was lacking over the time off. I remembered why I loved to create.

This post is to inspire all levels on understanding art in all forms. Particularly when you are viewing a display in person and want to gain knowledge from it. There are so many reasons to classify someone as an artist but what stands out to me the most is when someone is using their own thoughts to demonstrate a display of their feelings and emotions. This can show an array of colors, textures, dimension and depth.

How to Understand Art:

  • Relatability (how does this affect me, how do I react to this)
  • What type of structure is involved, paints, patterns, etc. (May demonstrate passion)
  • Depth perception
  • Time and Date are applicable to what was happening at the time
  • Look at name of display
  • Why do you think this piece was created

After analyzing these aspects during your art experience consider them thoroughly and review each response you convey. There can be so much depth to what appears as a casual piece to you vs another person. After opening your mind to your own theories of what could be of this piece, you are achieving a creative part of your mind from a different perspective. You are using your own interests to your guide to understanding art. Your thoughts can become more complex as you learn more about the art you view. Understanding from a different vision that isn’t your own is what can develop depth to the human eye.

Art is everywhere no matter if it is created by human or by nature. Different perspectives can combine to create an pleasing image to the naked eye. What a piece of art means to you may not translate the same to someone else. Our individual minds can create a unique reality to what we convey.

What will you do to unlock your creativity today?




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