I Meditated Everyday for a Month

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2 min readNov 9, 2023


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During the beginning of my wellness journey, I would notice others who had self-awareness in their flow state of mind in the way they began to change their patterns. I was constantly wondering how they became this way and what the process was to get there. I felt called to do the self-work to get there.

Setting up your mind to be in a flow state starts with the actions you take to perform your daily habits and rituals. Creating an intention of stillness will tune you into the frequency you want your mind to function. While going to flow state events and activities I saw how others in alignment had similar behaviors while they were just simply interacting with one another. The behaviors consisted of joy, freedom, empathetic, ethereal, and being in touch with themselves on a higher consciousness. The way these individuals I interacted with had me so fascinated. I could pretty much feel and see who has had a spiritual awakening or who was self-aware.

I wondered to myself how they were presenting this way. It was all so similar and aligned with each other. I wanted to align with these supernatural experiences they were having in their daily practices just by flowing through behaviors in any situation they were in.

You cannot force yourself into being self-aware or unlocking your higher consciousness you must take the prerequisites to get to this point. Therefore I needed to incorporate daily rituals to reach this space.

I began by placing daily meditation into my holistic journey. This did not come easy for me. Actually, it was pretty challenging considering I am always on the move, sitting still with myself seemed impossible at first. On my meditation journey, I realized that as a student that needs to be gentle with myself. This made me acknowledge that in order to achieve my desired level of consciousness I had to be patient and take each step one day at a time.

Each day became a little easier during meditation and I was understanding how to sit with myself longer to seek what was on the other side of stillness. I began to feel the ethereal benefits of meditation and learned the beauty of being present with myself and hyper-aware of all the thoughts that whip through my brain. Even when there were distractions with the thoughts of irrelevant items going through me I stayed still during mediation.

I set up a corner in my home as a safe space to make a promise to myself that this area is sacred to my stillness. I encourage you to try a 3 mediation process and let me know how you begin to align with yourself..

Beauty in stillness,




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