Understanding Dimensions

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Universal dimensions analysis from my perspective. Based on my human experience I can declare that there are dimensions and durations based on looking around the current moment I am enduring. As for passing the dimensions we can physically view. We can only see what we view with our senses, suggesting that there can be much more than we are aware of because humans can only see complexity as our senses can detect it. In my opinion our brains are more complex than anything we can sense. The way my mind works is faster and more complex than anything I can write or say. Technology can only do so much to an extent beyond our most extensive observations.

First dimension is based on a flat surface that has length only.

Second has length and width but still no depth because there is a beginning and end on the flat surface.

Third dimension is what we live in today making 2D unlikely for us to imagine considering we can create anything 3D depending on the way we navigate around a “2D object.” Third dimension is when length, width and depth are coordinated together to present current day observations.

Forth dimension can be illustrated as the past and present in a moment's time. Since we are living and the duration of our entire life is not completed in an instant our perception of a moment of time on earth is prolonged.

Fifth dimension is the possibilities of direction that a moment can go and other possibilities. This can be determined by discovering what we know based on the experiences and actions of others.

Sixth dimension is essentially traveling from one moment to another in a moments time.

Seventh dimension has infinite solutions to duration of time within the universe.

Eighth dimension is another infinite universal experience after the prior universe that is known.

Ninth dimension is through both individual universes and how they connect and have comparisons that connect together essentially.

Tenth dimension is all possibilities of what exists in the theories that exist for us.



Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4Gotl9vRGs&t=534s



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